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Climbing for Cats — Necessity or Luxury?

Cat on climbing tree

    Ever wondered why cats seem to be more comfortable in the highest parts of the room where they can watch everything below? To figure out why it’s so important to have climbing options for your cat, first we need to understand why cats love to climb in the first place.   Why Does…

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Canine Hepatitis, Core Vaccination

Canine Hepatitis is an acute liver infection in dogs caused by the Canine mastadenovirus formerly known as Canine adenovirus (CAV1).  Also, it is responsible for diseases in wolves, bears, and coyotes. It is one of the diseases that a vaccine is vital to keep down the spread of this disease. Canine Hepatitis is spread through direct contact…

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Parvovirus/Parvo Disease in Dogs

HoParvovirus or parvo in canines (CPV) is a mutant strain of parvo found in felines. It is a highly contagious virus that can be manifested in two different forms. The most common is the intestinal form, causing diarrhea, loss of appetite, and vomiting. Cardiac form, which is the less common, attacks the heart muscles of…

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Grooming Benefits for Your Pets

grooGrooming your pet can bring long term benefits to you and your animal. This not only consists of combing their fur, getting their fur trimmed if needed, but other benefits as well. Keeping your pet’s nails clipped helps to protect the pads on their feet and makes it easier for them to walk. Take into…

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Fleas, Are They Dangerous to Your Pets?

Fleas under a microscope

  Fleas are a parasite that feeds on the blood of it’s host.  There are several species of fleas. In fact there are over 2500 species of them worldwide. Some families of these species feed and breed only their hosts. Since these parasites are wingless and can not fly from host to host, they use…

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Veterinarians Are Important to Society

Veterinarians are licensed physicians that treat diseases, injuries, and disorders in animals. People who have pets, livestock or show animals depend on them in their day to day activities. In competitions for show animals a licensed veterinarian is required to be on the grounds at all times in case of an emergency. Vets are responsible…

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Therapy Treatment With Pets

Pet therapy for man

Therapy treatment with animals is beneficial in so many ways. The bond that humans have with animals can heal, relieve stress, and ease loneliness. When troops are returning from a tour of duty, a pet can do wonders for transitioning them back into their civilian life. Programs like Pets for Vets is a program dedicated…

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Alternative Exercises Including Pets

Alternative hiking for dog

Alternative exercises for your dog/pet is a fun way to keep them from getting bored. While walking is good for them, seeing the same old neighborhood can get a little boring after a while. Hiking, swimming, agility classes are just a few exercises you can share with your pet and keep their mind stimulated. Pets…

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Human Foods to Avoid Giving Dogs

Human food being eyed by a dog

Human food is not the best food to give your dog. Foods that you should avoid giving your dog are alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, coffee, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, onions, garlic, chives, and xylitol. Side Effects of Human Food on Dogs Alcohol or foods containing alcohol, cause serious side effects in your dog. Depression of the nervous…

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Mites in Your Cats/Dogs Ears

Mites that get in dogs ears shown under a microscope

Mites or can wreck havoc on the ears of your pets. And just what are ear mites and what causes them? They are parasites known as Otodectes cynotis, that feed on the oils, wax, and debris in the ears of your pets.  Generally signs of infestation is redness on the inside of the ears, a brownish…

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