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Mites in Your Cats/Dogs Ears

Mites shown under a microscope Mites or can wreck havoc on the ears of your pets. And just what are ear mites and what causes them? They are parasites known as Otodectes cynotis, that feed on the oils, wax, and debris in the ears of your pets.  Generally signs of infestation is redness on the inside of the ears, a brownish waxy secretion from their ears, and itchiness.

Scratching caused from the itching may cause your pet’s ear to get a secondary infection. Also, self inflicted injuries to your cats/dogs ears can happen from the scratching. Intense scratching and head shaking causes the blood vessels to rupture in the flap of a dog’s ears, known as an aural hematoma. Also this is extremely painful to the animal and will require surgery to repair it.

Mites are highly contagious. They are more common in outdoor cats and spread when coming into contact with another infested pet. If you think your pet’s ear are infested, take it to your local veterinarian for an accurate evaluation. Don’t put something in your pet’s ears without checking with your vet first. However, certain bacterial infections can appear to be mite infestation when it’s not. Always check with your vet and don’t self-diagnose your pet.

Treatment for Mites

Treatment for infestation consists of several procedures. Swabbing the ear canal of your pet to clean out the debris buildup is one procedure the vet uses. Pet owners need medication prescribed by the vet for treatment of mites. Also, pets may require antibiotics due to infection caused by the pet scratching their ears. Of utmost importance is to use all the medicine given for your pet. While at the vet, make sure you tell your them if you have other pets. For they will need a round of treatment to get rid of it all.